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Indoor Full Color LED Display for Monitoring Message Center

Electric Power Compa
  • Location:  
  • Xi'an, China
  • Application:  
  • Message
  • Pitch:  
  • 4.4mm
  •       Quantity:  
  • 1Piece
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  • Indoor|Full|Color|LED|Display|3840*102...|pixels|4.4mm|HD

QS-Tech has just provided a 76sqm LED display with 4.4mm pitch for Xi’an Electrical Power Supply Bureau belong to the Shaanxi Branch of State Grid. The resolution of this display is 3840*1024 pixels and it’s commonly recognized as the highest resolution indoor LED display. It will be applied for the directing and managing of electrical power network and it’s definitely one of the rare examples that applying LED display at indoor monitoring area.

A unit of excellent display should go with an outstandingly-performed control system. To guarantee customer’s smooth application QS-Tech also equips this display with its new control system-UniPcon 500. The new system supports 16 bits grey-scale processing, pixel calibration and real time monitoring of working status from pixel level to system level.

At the same time, making full use of the installation environment, QS-Tech built up the whole display with an intrados of 6m. Besides the smooth line structure, the display also offers a 160°horizontal viewing range which is very convenient for operators to catch every change on the screen.

This masterpiece from QS-Tech was highly appreciated by the leaders from the electrical power bureau and all of them said that they never regretted to stand for LED display proposal though they preferred the LCD option at the beginning. QS-Tech succeeds at the attempt to introduce LED display as an applicable option for “Wall mounting” through this project and this refreshment will keep QS-Tech as the leading solution-provider at the indoor “Wall mounting” area. 

Key words: 3840*1024 pixels, 4.4mm, HD and brand-new attempt.

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