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  • Excellent Beginning of QSTECH Outdoor Full Color LED Display in Russia
  • 04-07-2011
In July, QSTECH delivered the first unit of full color LED display to our Russian customer, which is called Athena 24mm modules, high brightness, visual distance, easy assembling and disassembling. The thin panel design, stable structure which can be applied both fixed and rental installation. Because of the successful installation our customer ordered another three Artemis 20mm outdoor full color LED display from us and we continue to give the best service possible.

It is reported that QSTECH first outdoor full color LED display is also about to be installed in outdoor situation with Zeus 10mm outdoor full color LED displays, QSTECH specially equipped with an air condition to suit the extreme weather of below zero 40 degrees.

               QSTECH Outdoor Full Color LED Display  Outdoor Full Color LED Display in Russia
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