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  • QSTECH Full Color LED Display Lights up the Beijing Central Point
  • 13-06-2011

Beijing Central Point is a complex of high-end office building and business consumption. It is located in the 2nd East Ring Road and Pingan Avenue, at the northwest corner of Dongsishitiao Bridge. Near that bridge will be Dongzhimen Transportation Hub, and as the largest one in Asia every type of transportation is easily accessible, including the subway, urban rail, airport express, buses and other public transportation. Around this business district, plenty of "Aircraft Carrier" enterprises are attracted to get settled there, which accelerates the regional competition and cohesion, making this district a gathering of both domestic and international companies. 

Recently, the outdoor full color LED display made by QS-Tech lights up the Beijing Central Point. This LED display looks inward concave and is characterized by its high brightness and vivid viewing effect. Besides, in order to present the modernity of the international metropolis of Beijing and make the most of the modern appearance of our product Artemis, QS-Tech adopts no decoration in the back, which fully demonstrates the powerful functions of water-proof and cooling. The employment of the spindle-like support of the entire curved display completely embodies the stream-line beauty. The design of the tiny border highlights the thinness and the lightness of the product Artemis.      
The lighting up of the LED display brings Hi-tech sense to this vital transportation hub of Beijing Central Point, revealing the humane notion of "Cultural Beijing, Hi-tech Beijing, Green Beijing" to the full.


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