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  • Another QSTECH Center-Hung Led Display System Installed in Spain
  • 01-02-2012

At the end of 2011, another center-hung cubic led display system from QSTECH was successfully installed in Victoria, Spain. The whole system include 8 faces 336*176 pixels screen,2 sets Uni-pcon500 system ,video processor, software and electrical hoists. QSTECH pioneered this field with its seamlessly-curved center hung  technology, Dou-sign technology, Zero failure of the system and good reputation in this field.

This is the third center-hung led display projects we’ve made in Spain and not only that ,QSTECH has made dozens of center hung led displays all over the world in the past several years. We are proud that hundreds of sports fans obtain their favorite sports team’s match information through our hard work.

  QS-TECH Center-hung led display system     QS-TECH Center-hung led display system
  QS-TECH Center-hung led display system     QS-TECH Center-hung led display system

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