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  • A Full Color LED Display from QSTECH Decorates Xidan Mingzhu Mall in Beijing
  • 08-03-2012

Xidan Mingzhu Mall is located on Chang’an Road in Beijing which is the most popular downtown district in Beijing. A full color LED display which is designed and produced by QS-TECH just shows up on this Mall. The image quality is pretty great and it leaves a very deep impression to the people, which made it be the highlight in that district.

This display area is 1,300 sqm which is the biggest full color single unit LED display. The display and control system are all developed by QS-TECH, it successfully solved High Definition Image Color Depth Restoration, Synchronization of multi-picture splice, remote control and management, lower power consumption, display weight & building load and overhead installation, which are commonly recognized as difficult problem in this field. We can see QS-TECH display excellent performance and stability after it’s been working well in months.



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