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  • QSTECH Outdoor Full Color LED Display Shines in Xi’an Xiaozhai Business Area Again
  • 31-03-2012
QSTECH Artemis Outdoor light weight led panel has been launched successfully since July 2009.Until now Artemis outdoor led display system has been installed more than 5000sqm all over the world. When we celebrate the great success of Artemis and QS-TECH’s 20 years anniversary another Artemis outdoor screen was installed in Xi’an Xiaozhai business area. This project is the second huge project we finished in this area. The first project was finished in Nov. 2009, which is the biggest curved advertisement led display in China at that time. This new project is nearly 160 sqm with 20mm pixel pitch. Its high brightness, high refresh rate, vivid image and sharp picture attract more attentions from passersby and drivers.

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