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  • How to Do Quality Control and Maintenance of LED Display
  • 23-05-2012


Technically, from the display, LCD is composed of liquid crystal displays, and Led display is formed by

the light-emitting diodes. led tubedigital display unit of each pixel is a light-emitting diode, if it is

color, usually red light-emitting diodes. Here's look at the eight LED display technology and the daily

maintenance of quality assurance methods.

Eight quality LED display technology

To produce good quality LED display, to be in good technical control of the following aspects:

1, anti-static LED display assembly plant should have good anti-static measures. Special anti-static,

anti-static flooring, anti-static soldering iron, anti-static pad, anti-static ring, anti-static clothing,

humidity control, equipment grounding (especially cut legs) are all basic requirements, and regular

tests to use static analyzer .

2, the driving circuit on the module LED display driver IC driving the circuit board arrangement will

also affect the brightness of LED display. The driver IC output current in the PCB, the transmission

distance is too far, will make the transmission path pressure drop is too large, LED display of the

normal operating voltage leads to decrease in brightness. We often find that around the LED module

LED display brightness lower than the middle, that is the reason. Led display brightness so to ensure

consistency, we must design a good distribution of drive circuit.

3, the design current in the LED diplay Led nominal current of 20mA, the maximum use of current

general recommendation of not more than 80% of the nominal value, especially for small screen

spacing, due to poor heat dissipation, but also reduce the current value. According to experience,

because the red, green and blue LED decay rate of the inconsistency, targeted to reduce the blue and

green LED's current value, Led display in order to maintain Evaporator the consistency of the white

balance after prolonged use.

4, mixing lights of different brightness of the same color LED display files need to mix light, or laws

designed to plug in discrete graph inserting lamp lights to ensure the overall brightness of each color

Led display consistency. If you have problems in this process, there will be Led display brightness

inconsistent local phenomenon, a direct impact on LED display of the display.

5, control the vertical light-line LED display for the run, the furnace should have sufficient time to

ensure that LED technology is perpendicular to PCB. Any deviation will affect the already set LED

brightness consistency, appear inconsistent brightness of color.

6, wave soldering temperature and time had to be strict control of the temperature wave front and the

furnace welding time, it is recommended as follows: preheating temperature of 100 5 , the maximum

does not exceed 120 , and the preheating temperature rise for a smooth, welding temperature to 245

5 , welding time recommended no more than 3 seconds after the furnace vibration or shock should

not LED, until the resumption of normal temperature. Wave soldering machine to periodically test the

temperature parameter, which is determined by the characteristics of LED, overheating, or fluctuations

in temperature will cause direct damage to the LED or LED display quality problems, especially for

small size, such as circular and oval 3mm LED.

7, Weld control LED display LED is not lit in the event, often more than 50% probability caused by

various types of cold solder joint, such as the LED pin Weld, IC pin Weld, such as Pai Pai mother Weld

. These issues are needed to improve and strengthen the strict quality inspection to improve the

process to resolve. Vibration test before leaving the factory also be a good test method.

8 LED thermal design work will be heated, the temperature is too high will affect the speed and

stability of the attenuation LED, so the PCB board thermal design, thermal design of the ventilation box

will affect the performance of LED display.

LED display daily maintenance routine maintenance method of assembly

With the LED display on the market in full swing, many consumers tend to overlook the LED display

routine maintenance and repair, so prolonged use not only affects the user's visual experience, while

also greatly reduced display life.

The increased use of LED display, on the one hand due to the major manufacturers to control

production costs, the work selected materials in the product was reduced, leading to a few parts of

some products, a result of premature aging; the other hand, the reason is the inappropriate use of

user habits caused. In particular the case of the latter is more common, most users do not know how

to properly use and maintenance LED display. Here, we LED display for the application and

maintenance problems, for everyone to do a simple introduction.

Broken screen issues

To avoid possible problems, we can choose a passive protection and active protection, passive

protection is the number of Internet cafes, dormitory and other public places you can choose to buy

the monitor with tempered glass, which allows you to display "bulletproof, fire and water does not

invade, "but will have an impact on the color display, there will be reflective phenomenon; and

proactive protection is to use the usual extra care, try to damage the screen may be items from the

screen, and clean the screen while also gently wipe as much as possible, to minimize the possibility of


Maintain the humidity of the environment

All have since spilled the drink on the keyboard and causing damage to the keyboard users are aware

of this common sense. Do not let the things of any nature with moisture into your LED display. Found

in mist, with a soft cloth to gently wipe before you can turn on the power. If the monitor has entered

the house were wet, and you must place the monitor to a more warm, dry place, so that when water is

evaporated and organic compounds. LCD display with humidity of power, can lead to corrosion of

liquid crystal electrode, which causes permanent damage.

Routine maintenance

Led display with the most closely related to our users and do the cleaning is very necessary. In fact,

LCD monitors are also particularly vulnerable were dirty, the white appearance is really nice, but pay

no attention to maintenance, then, will soon become yellowish; piano paint really, but of a week with a

down, the enclosure must be covered a fingerprint; even the ordinary black matte material, some time

down the dust on the screen is certainly one. Many users know to regularly clean the LED display, but

you know how to properly clean the Led display it?

We first want to consider buying a good quality cleaner than the suit, the costs generally include

cleaning fluid electrolyte, high purity distilled water, anti-static fluid, etc., can effectively clean the

screen of dust, fingerprints and other dirt marks, we can buy some famous brand products. And the

good cleaning cloth is also very important, it must be ultra-fine fiber-based products are generally

high-end to send the glasses cloth glasses can also be used to do cleaning cloth.

Some water users to think that you can, and will not damage the LCD screen. However, relatively poor

cleaning effect of water, and clean the dust over again attached. Of course, if you want to save money,

you can use the water will, and better than those of unknown origin of cleaning solution to be good.

Also need to note is, do not put water on the screen, but some of the cleaning solution to spray in a

clean cloth, then wipe gently along the same direction, and in the cleaning, you need to pull the power

cord out.

For most of the LED display, it usually is easy to use by other devices not pay attention to "friendly

fire", and once damaged light LED display means the station as part of the basic retirement.


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