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  • How To Choose A Suitable Led Display
  • 23-05-2012


There are so many LED display manufacturers here in China. there is a saying:60%~70% LED display

are made in China,and 60%~70% LED displays are made in Shenzhen,China.but till now, no one can

show the valid data about the information.luckly, I am in Shenzhen, and engaged in this field for

nearly 2 years.

Sometimes, it's more difficult buying than selling.(sorry, i am not good at English) I met customers

from USA,Poland,Iran,Turkey etc, generally speaking, they spent about 1 week in China. and they

visited more than 10 factories here,that means, they visited 1.5 factories everyday,average.that's not a

easy job, every factory will give you different information, it's a big problem that how you get the

useful and correct information.i am sure, what suppliers give you is not always correct all the time,

because whom you discuss with is always salesman, and some salesman don't know very well about

this industry themselfes, for another word, they are not profeesional. but that not means the factory

not professional. in Shenzhen,China, many owners of factory, they have been involved in this field for

more than 10 years, they are pioneers.also, they are demostic sales man years ago. but a big problem

is they can't speak english, luanguage is big obstacle for them. take my boss for example, he engaged

in this field for more than 10 years, he knows very well about this industry, but he can't join the

discuss. sometimes, our customer asked me, where is your boss?i said:sorry, he is not good at

english. it will be much better if discuss with my boss. it happens.

Ok, let get to the point, how to choose a suitable LED display. maybe is a old topic. but as far as i

know, many friends have no idea about this before they came to China. i choose the word"suitable",

not "good". because different customer has different requirement. good does not mean suitable, but

suitable does means good for you.


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