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  • Daily Care and Maintenance of LED Display
  • 30-05-2012

LED electronic display in the market has been very common, however, many consumers tend to ignore the day-to-day maintenance and upkeep of the LED display, thinking that as long as buy a home can work, in fact, or anything in need of maintenance and maintenance have a more perfect use. If such a long time use without maintenance and upkeep, not only affects the user\\ s visual experience, will greatly reduce the life of the LED electronic display.

LED display set high brightness, low voltage, low power consumption, miniaturization, long life, impact resistance and stable performance advantage has been widely popular, widely used in advertising and media, transportation, education, sports, entertainment, exhibition, shopping malls, squares, railway stations and other industries and places.

However, LED display like the traditional electronic products, in the course of not only need to pay attention to the method of maintenance needed on the display in order to make the LED display life longer. LED display to increase process, on the one hand is due to the major manufacturers in order to control production costs, cut corners or use inferior components, selected materials, the workmanship of the product; other reason is due to improper use caused. The latter is more common, the maintenance LED display methods described below

Display prolonged exposure to the outdoor environment, wind, sun, dust and other easily noticeable dirty, some time down on the screen must be dust a need for timely cleaning to prevent dust a long time attached to the screen surface effects to watch effect. Attention to cleanliness of the screen as much as possible wipe gently to avoid damage to the screen

Second, the power supply remained stable, and ground protection in the harsh natural conditions, especially thunder weather, try not to use (or do lightning protection measures).

Third, the LED display screen body is strictly prohibited water. LED display as far as possible be placed in the low-dust environment, the dust will show the effect of impact, excessive dust on circuit caused the damage. If for various reasons, water, and turned off immediately and contact the maintenance personnel, until the screen body board dry before use.

LED display switch sequence:
Open, first open the computer control display to normal operation and then open the LED display.
Off, turn off the LED display, then turn off the computer control display.

Display the frequency of use control. The proposed LED display daily closing time of more than two hours, one week in the rainy season, LE display at least more than once. Generally at least monthly to open the screen, light up more than two hours.

Display need to regularly check if they can not work properly to the timely replacement of the line there is damage to promptly repair or replace. Display the internal circuits for non-professionals to prohibit touching, to avoid electric shock or cause wire damage; if a problem occurs, professionals who carry out maintenance.
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