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  • The World's Largest LED Screen is in Dubai
  • 24-07-2012
There are quite lots of led screen displays both at home and abroad. Someone may wonder where is the largest one located. According to the newly report, the world's largest LED screen is under construction.It is installed for a commercial office building named The Podium in Dubai.The gigantic LED display will be implemented as the building's facade, reaching 33 stories into the sky and maintaining visibility up to a mile away.

UAE development company Tameer Holding will be developing the world's largest LED screen to be embedded on an intended commercial tower in the Majan district of Dubailand, the company announced on Monday. Termed 'Podium', the development will be a world first, boasting a 33-storey high LED media facade that will be visible from a distance of 1.5 kilometer.

The large LED display will be a powerful medium for advertising, messaging and art. In addition to its LED facade, the Podium offers 33 levels of premium commercial office space, and two floors dedicated to retail, as well as four floors for parking. But maybe the most interesting aspect of the mega LED sign is not its size but its practicality. Workers within the building will not become pale-skinned cave dwellers as the LED display promises not to obstruct the flow of natural light.

The design of the LED screen, along with the technology utilised in its construction, will not impede the flow of natural light into the building. Thus, the offices directly behind the massive screen will have the same open feel as those on the opposite side of the building.

We have the reason to believe that the biggest led screen display will attract more eyes coming from different countries, no matter the led enterprise or screen display manufactures. The giant led panel must be a milestone for the whole led industry.
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