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  • QS-TECH Did a Great Show in 2010 ISA
  • 04-05-2010

In this colorful April, after weeks of preparation and careful planning, QS-TECH went to Orlando and attended the three days ISA expo.

ISA is well known as one of the biggest event for signs in US. Hundreds and thousands of the electronic led display product manufacturers went there and attended the show. 


Great LED Display Products Show

Great LED Display Products Show

During ISA exhibition, QS-TECH didn’t do so much decoration on our booth, but due to our special led display products and our professional service, QS-TECH still became the most popular exhibitor. There were hundreds of customers and visitors came to us and talked about the cooperation affair or had an in-depth negotiation every day. Thanks for our attractive show, QS-TECH got a lot of clients’ information there and also got the chance to make us be well known more and more.

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