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  • LED Lights Make City Structures Safer to Citizens
  • 15-08-2012
Citizens in Raleigh, N.C. express feeling safer in municipal structures that have switched to LED lighting, according to a new survey conducted by Mindwave Research. With the results of this survey, the "LED City" initiative in Raleigh has proven to have benefits beyond energy efficiency.

The survey asked 200 people about their perceptions of safety and other aspects of a municipal garage in Raleigh. Both men and women expressed feeling significantly safer after the installation of LED fixtures: the number of respondents who rated the garage as "very safe" increased by 76% after the LED fixtures were installed.

"LED technology provides a clear benefit to municipal infrastructure, as well as to the citizens it serves," said Charles Meeker, mayor of Raleigh, "This survey shows that LEDs can do more than improve light quality. In addition to the proven environmental and energy efficiency benefits the city has already documented, the survey shows that LEDs' bright white light can help improve public feelings of safety in city spaces."

The survey also measured respondents' ratings of lighting quality and cleanliness in the municipal garage. After the installation of LED lighting, 86% of respondents rated the lighting quality of the garage as "excellent" -- a 258% increase over pre-installation responses. Seventy-six percent of respondents rated the cleanliness of the parking facility as "excellent" after LED installation versus 58% before the LEDs were installed.

In the coming year, Raleigh plans to continue its "LED City" initiative by creating a "living laboratory" of LED light use throughout the city, including pedestrian and walkway lighting. The purpose of the initiative is to evaluate energy-efficient infrastructures. The announcement of the initiative was hailed by Kateri Callahan, president of the Washington, D.C.-based Alliance to Save Energy (ASE) as "a milestone toward large-scale adoption of clean, energy-efficient technologies." Callahan stated, "Raleigh's progressive commitment to becoming the first 'LED City' will no doubt serve as a model for other cities seeking to improve energy consumption and reduce negative impacts on the environment."
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