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  • QSTECH Perimeter LED Screens Serve for South African Rugby Games
  • 16-08-2012
In March 2012, QSTECH manufactured 90 panels of P14 SMD perimeter screen for the South African customer and successfully installed it in the main stadium in Cape Town, South Africa.
QSTECH adopted the outdoor SMD design, Ares P14 SMD, to complete this spectacular project. There are 90 panels in total, and it’s 100.8(W) x 0.84(H) = 84.672 sqm. The extremely wonderful color mixture and exceedingly wide viewing angle achieved by adopting outdoor SMD design presents a gorgeous viewing effect, which impresses the advertisements dealers, the spectators and also audience in front of the television. In addition, QSTECH successfully solved the weakness of outdoor SMD, like the low brightness, the water proof issue and so on. The brightness is made to 7000 nits plus, and the IP level is 65 rear.
Most importantly, QSTECH passed SGS certificates with all these panels. QSTECH have passed the tests in aspects of color uniformity, appearance, functional findings, IP rate, power consumption tests, packing, etc.  It is these tests that guaranteed the quality of the LED display panels. 
QS team worked together for this project for 45 days. Finally, the SGS inspector and the South African customer all proved the great job and the QS spirit of diligence. Customers’ satisfaction is all QS staff’s service tenet, and QSTECH always holds on to that.

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