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  • QSTECH-3mm HD LED Display Settle down in Northwest Agriculture & Forestry University
  • 30-08-2012
A new Artemis plus 3mm HD LED screen displays manufactured by QSTECH has been installed in Northwest Agriculture & Forestry University in June.

Northwest Agriculture & Forestry University is located in Yangling city, Shaanxi Province. It is a national key university under the Ministry of Education directly, which is the home of modern agricultural education in northwest region. The HD LED Display was fixed in the lobby of school management office, mainly used for various kinds of information release.

As for the Artemis plus 3mm, it is of great advantages beyond comparison. The high-density, ultra-thin and light-weight LED display product has accessed to user's high evaluation due to its vivid picture & video effects. What's more,the control software and playback software developed by QSTECH are quite easy to operate, which enjoys good reputations among customers.
The successful completeness of the project shows QSTECH good products performance and leading position in LED display industry.

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