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  • Up LED display Performance
  • 07-06-2013
LED display is a common tool for both advertising and rental marketing. But it is frustrated that LED display shrinks the original colors as time goes on. Fortunately here you will see some tips that can better  LED display:

1. Gray LevelGray level is the brightness grades of a LED display from its darkest to lightest, the higher Gray level is ,the richer and more beautiful color is. Raising the Gray Level can improve the showing detail quality of the LED screen to a large extent.

2.Contrast is the one of the most important factors that affects visual effect. Generally speaking, the image gets clearer and the color gets more vivid when the contrast gets higher. High contrast will do a lot to improve the clarity, detail performance and gray level of the image. In some texts and videos that have a large black-white contrast, the high contrast LED Display will have an advantage on the black-white contrast, definition and completeness. Also the contrast has a large impact on the motion video presentation.

Tips to improve the sign’s contrast:
a.Increase the LED Display brightness. But in some occasions, the higher contrast will not do as you expected. For example, for indoor display, if the brightness is too high, it is harmful to the eyes.

b.Reduce the surface reflectivity of the LED Sign. The LED Panel and LED light tube would be treated by some special technics that will reduce the surface reflectivity of the LED Sign and improve the sign’s contrast.
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