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  • Basic Knowledge of LED Display (1)
  • 14-06-2013

1.      What is LED Display?

A LED screen is a video display which uses light-emitting diodes. An LED panel is a small display, or a component of a larger display or screen. They are typically used for Commercial Advertising and Information Release, like outdoors in store signs, Exhibition Center new broadcasting and Shopping Plaza Billboards. In recent years it has also been commonly used for Traffic Guidance like Highway, Rail Transit, TGV, and used as destination signs at Airport or Terminal Building.

2.      LED Display Category:

1)     Application Environment:

a.      Indoor LED Display

b.      Outdoor LED Display

2)     Color:

a.      Monochrome LED Display (only red)

b.      Dual-color LED Display (red and green)

c.      Full Color LED Display (composed of three primary colours: red, green and blue)

3)     Pixel pitch: P4P5P6P7.62P8P10P12P12.5P14P16P18P20P22P25P31.25P37.5P40P60P100

4)     Control Mode:

a.      Synchronized LED panel

b.      Off-line LED Display


3.      Types of LED Screens:

There are two types of LED panels: conventional (using discrete LEDs) and surface-mounted device (SMD) panels.


Most outdoor LED Displays are built around discrete LEDs, also known as individually mounted LEDs. A cluster of red, green, and blue diodes is driven together to form a full-color pixel..

Most indoor LED Displays on the market are built using SMD technology—a trend that is now extending to the outdoor market. An SMD pixel consists of red, green, and blue diodes mounted on a chipset, which is then mounted on the driver PC board. The individual diodes are smaller than a pinhead and are set very close together. The difference is that the maximum viewing distance is reduced by 25% from the discrete diode screen with the same resolution.


4.      Basic Compositions of LED Display:

1)     Screen Panel

2)     Fixed Installation Structure

3)     Control System

4)     Data transmission System

5)     Audio/Video multi-media Processer

6)     Power Distribution System

7)     Status Control System

8)     Heat Spreading System


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