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  • The Largest Outdoor Full Color LED Display in China
  • 26-04-2011

Recently, in Zhejiang Yongkang International Convention Center, QSTECH has successfully produced, installed and light up the oversize full color LED displays in East, West tower buildings. This full color LED display is the largest one in China by far.

How large of this LED display, let me show you by a few numbers below:
This giant display is made up by two east-west and four north-south (400m2) direction of the huge display, total 2200m2, as large as 32 badminton courts. Among them, four pieces north-south direction of the giant full color LED display, each dimension is 25 meters long and 16 meters wide, equivalent to the size of a basketball court.

The whole project contains 51 pieces full color LED displays and control system. All the full color Largest Outdoor Full Color LED DisplayLED displays can be controlled by unified network control center and can be switching electronic machine screen, text and image input and other related operations through remote control. At the same time, it configured with the remote speakers, the full color LED display is brilliant, and play sound is pretty beautiful.

All the LEDs inner the display was imported chips, matched with the best professional and intelligent multimedia display system, with image display, stereo sound, remote control and other editing functions. Besides this, this kind of control way can be adjusted the brightness of the LED display to suit different weather conditions, even in the scorching sun during the day, you can see a beautiful clear images also.

After put into use, this outdoor full color LED display is mainly used to show the corporation image, promote image of Yongkang, to meet the 16th China Hardware Fair, providing excellent platform for Yongkang International Convention Center in the future.


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