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  • Fierce Competition in LED Display Rental Market
  • 25-06-2013

The LED Display industry pattern has been formed basically after the LED Display competition in Outdoor Advertising, Outdoor Information Release, Stadium/Exhibition/Airport applications in recent years. Since last year, another market segment has been created and become the competition focus, which is called rental market.


In the just finished Beijing Professional Audio Light exhibition, there were more than 30 LED Display enterprises participated including the top domestic LED Display providers; they all rolled out the Rent series LED Display products and hope to explore more channel in the performance market.


LED Display Rental Market is raised since 2008, in the beginning the market demand is not big and many companies didn’t invest it. With other application markets’ maturity and few market shares left, more and more enterprises started to flow into this new field. In order to obtain for more shares, the price war was open. In 2008, one P6 Rental LED Display panel cost RMB 1500 per m2, at the end of 2012 it cost RMB 150 per m2 .From 2011 to 2012, in less than one year, the LED Display amount in Rental Market was increased triple. Till this year, the price is the lowest.


So LED Display providers have to figure out new ways to attract clients.


For example, advertising the light and durable characters which can facilitate the client operation, reduce the operating cost and improve the rate of Return on Investment.


Also, as the paragraph mentioned before, from the sale channel aspect, some seniors in the LED Display industry said LED Display enterprises could cooperate with Audio light manufacturers which use the LED Display for better performing effects nowadays but doesn’t have business conflict with LED Display Products, LED display Provider can utilize the existing channel to extend their business.


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