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  • Obstructions of LED lamp goes into Civil Illumination Market
  • 28-06-2013

Per the current marketing status, energy saving lamp occupies a big market share in the civil illumination market, which is higher than the LED lighting. But as everyone knows, LED lighting lamp has more advantages than the energy saving lamps, for example:

Saving more energy, the brightness of a LED lamp with 1W is the same as that of an energy saving lamp with 2 W.

Longer lifetime, LED lifetime is about 50000h.

Better applications, LED lighting can be made in any shape due to the single LED lamp is very small.

Short reaction time, LED lamp is able to be lighted in ‘ns’ while the common lamp is lighted in ‘ms’.

Green, LED lamp is recycled and reusable, no harmful metal.

Colorful, LED lamp can provide colorful light based on the 3 primary RGB colors.  



But on price, produce quality and brand building etc., LED lamp has a long way to go for getting into the ordinary homes.


Due to the LED related knowledge is not well popularized for common people; many customers don’t know LED lamps and also the LED advantages. People always choose the lighting products per their interest habits. So a LED knowledge popularization speech activity is very necessary in each big city. People will get to know the LED and the advantages, also they will know there are more choices with they buy a light.


LED Price is higher. The common energy saving lamp is cost 6-10RMB, the LED lamp price is from 20RMB to 300RMB. The cheapest LED lamp is cost 15RMB. The key factor to impact the LED lamp cost is LED chip. Due to the domestic manufactures are lack of the core technology and the manufacture equipment reasons, almost high-quality chips are imported.


LED brand building. In domestic market, there’s no famous LED lighting lamp brand for customers, many LED lamp with small brand doesn’t have good quality, and they all show bad printing instructions etc., customers cannot trust such products so they prefer the traditional energy saving lamp actually makes sense.


Thus LED lighting lamp manufactures should build their own brand and improve the LED lamp quality to get a stable client base for long-term development.

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