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  • QSTECH Outdoor Full Color LED Display Lights up Beijing Bank in Xi'an
  • 04-10-2010

Recently, the newly-designed and widely-used outdoor full color LED display undertaken by QSTECH has been in service on the top of Beijing Bank at the 2nd Gaoxin road. It features in color accuracy, image sharpness and rich shades. Due to the automatic brightness sensor, brightness of display can be adjusted according to brightness change of environment. No matter how bright it is during the day, or how dark it is at night, the quality of image is always perfect. The control system QSTECH used was patented and newly-designed Uni-PCON 500, the refresh rate of which can reach 64 KHz. Perfectly calibrated with US Radiant pixel calibration for color and brightness, the image of the display is more life-like and uniform, bringing a strong visual impact to the spectators.

In addition, the location of outdoor full color display was in wide perspective, which guaranteed that pedestrian have a clear view. It is a very good location for advertising.

                                                                     QSTECH Outdoor Full Color LED Display       
                                                                     QSTECH Outdoor Full Color LED Display

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