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  • Double-sided Full Color LED Displays Power RV Marketing
  • 16-07-2013

The double-sided outdoor full color LED Displays are installed by QSTECH successfully in Denver, America for advertising information release, it adopts Artemis 16mm with 520 * 160 pixels and each side is 22.12m2.

RV advertising 4

RV advertising 1

The client hopes to stimulate the marketing by displaying RV advertisements on the full color LED Display. RV (Recreational Vehicle) is a kind of motorhome which is pretty popular in America and suitable for entertainment and recreation, usually it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars; Amercans love to drive RV for mountain climbing or camping.

RV advertising 2


People can see the full color LED Displays are showing the clear and colorful images vividly in the very sunshiny day; the QSTECH product catches people’s eyes so easily by its high brightness and wide viewing angle. The customer sent the completion photos and said the sign looks great and they’re very happy!

RV advertising 3


This project is another typical case of QSTECH products for the outdoor advertising information broadcasting.

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