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  • New Curved Outdoor LED Display Installed in Century Ginwa
  • 28-10-2010

Recently, QSTECH contracted to build a new outdoor full color LED display system for Century Ginwa. The outdoor full color LED display gives a fashionable curve look and echoes with the Century Ginwa indoor curved display supplied by QSTECH in 2009. Century Ginwa shopping center is located in the northwest corner of Gaoxin Road and Keji Road crossing which is a golden area of Xi’an Hi-Tech Industries Development Zone. It is the largest modern, multi-functional and complex shopping center in the area. The newly installed QSTECH outdoor full color LED display lights up the brand of Century Ginwa. The colored glass decorative housing endows avant and fashionable quality. Combining technology quality and fashionable taste, the new outdoor full color display has become a bright rising star of the Hi-Tech Zone.


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