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  • Interaction of Modern Technology and Ancient City Sight - QSTECH Curved Outdoor Full Color LED Display Lights up Xi’an Railway Station
  • 26-10-2010

Recently, a huge curved outdoor full color LED display manufactured by QSTECH has successfully been lighted up at Xi’an Railway Station and becomes one of the most highlighted attractions immediately. Integrating the QSTECH advantages on huge display manufacture, the outdoor full color LED display was built up with a size over 200 square meters. With an outer curved shape and the side frame of antique style, the outdoor full color LED display perfectly combines the leading LED technology and classical architecture beauty, not to mention beautifying railway station environment and improving advertisement effect. At the same time, it will play the role of window that presents Xi’an in a better way with high definition images and true-to-life colors. 

Xi’an is a famous city which ranks in world’s four ancient capitals of civilization. During the National Day of this year, Xi’an has witnessed another tourism peak. This LED display from QSTECH is undoubtedly the typical project of “lighting ancient Xi’an” activity, not only to let tourists better feel the long cultural history of Xi’an, but to experience the rapid development of QSTECH technology.

   Outdoor Full Color LED Display

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