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  • QSTECH Full Color LED Display installed in Sydney Airport
  • 23-10-2013

QSTECH cooperated with the big and regular client -‘Out & About Marketing and Media’ (OAMM) which is one of the world’s leading integrated, sports and events signage company, and installed the full color LED Display of Zeus 6mm at T1 terminal in Sydney airport for the advertisement company APN which is very popular and influential in Australia for advertising information release.


This indoor full color LED Display adopts Nichia LED, and has an extreme viewing angle with precise manufacture process, the total area is 9.22sqm. The advertising LED Display is installed on the wall outside the shop zone and also close to the lounge, which is convenient for passengers to watch the display, and even people is standing under the display, the image still can be seen.


The client is impressed by the wonderful display effect and very satisfied with QSTECH product!

AD 1

AD 2

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