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  • 10 Years Gold Quality —— QSTECH LED Display
  • 18-07-2014

In 2004, QSTECH installed an outdoor full color LED display in National scenic of China – Huanglong Scenic and Historic Interest Area. The LED screen is installed opposite the entrance square, the good location and excellent image display effect attract lots of people who visit Huanglong, and the LED screen is used for playing Huanglong advertisement to expand the popularity.



In 10 years, Huanglong has attracted more and more visitors year by year, it’s become more beautiful and more convenient facilities are built for people from all over the world, everything looks get some changes, however we found the QSTECH LED display is working well just like it’s newly installed, the images displayed in the screen are still pretty clear, fine and smooth, the high brightness and true-color features impress every visitors.


The below picture was taken by QSTECH staff who travelled to Huanglong, he also visited the Huanglong officer to know about the LED display working situations, the officer said they are very satisfied with QSTECH display, it’s running so stable in 10 years, QSTECH product is so perfect!


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