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  • QSTECH Indoor Full Color LED Display Made a Miracle in China Shenyang
  • 03-09-2010

Henglong Plaza in Shenyang is located in Shenhe Area which is the original down-town of Shenyang and neighboring the World Heritage and Imperial Palace in Shenyang that is listed as one of China’s key protected culture sites. For over three hundred years, as the business center of the city, Zhongjie Lu Road has developed to be the most flourishing Pedestrian Mall and was selected to be one of Top 10 Famous Pedestrian Mall in China by China Pedestrian Mall Associate in 2005. Henglong Plaza in Shenyang covers many top fashion brands all over the world. The LED display from QS-TECH shows up as Henglong Plaza in Shenyang opened up and we can say it’s the perfect combination of fashion and technology.

This display’s pixel configuration is 3 in 1 SMD and its pixel is 10mm, measuring 19.6m x 9.6m (W x H) and driven by our latest developed control system. Till now, it’s the biggest indoor LED display in China which makes another miracle.

                                    QS-TECH Indoor Full Color LED display        QS-TECH Indoor Full Color LED display

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