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  • Breakthrough of QS-TECH Full Color LED Display in USA
  • 27-08-2010

After the Infocomm exhibition in Las Vegas, QS-TECH has just successfully got a few full color LED display projects in New York, Florida and Utah. These projects include 7 units of outdoor full color “monoblock” displays (Pitch: 20mm), 5 units of outdoor full color “Zeus” displays (Pitch: 12mm and 20mm) and 8 units of indoor full color “Zeus” displays (Pitch: 10mm) with a total amount of 20 units.

Most of these projects belong to the family of “Monoblock” which is a typical LED application in United States to show the relative static advertisement and public information. And these displays are going to be installed in a way of wall-mounting or single (double)-pillar in front of the customer’s company or at the entrance of school.

There is also QS-TECH traditional full color LED display product “Zeus” getting the chance to return to United States as “Zeus” used to be one of the dominant products QS-TECH had there. “Zeus” is referring to fixed installation LED display which covers 4.4mm till 32mm in QS-TECH full color LED display product family.

The “Zeus” outdoor full color LED display will be applied in an outdoor stadium to display match event along with the scoring billboards. Because of the trust to the quality of QS-TECH product, customer decides to replace the old display with the new one manufactured by QS-TECH.

The “monoblocks” will be used to play advertisement along with billboard or publish real-time message in the school. The double-side design with front hydraulic lift-cover has brought customer more attention from public.

These projects mark QS-TECH new start in USA market and QS-TECH is on the way to take more market shares there. 
                             QS-TECH Full Color LED Display in USA

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