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  • QSTECH new product Artemis indoor LED display became wildly popular on the 117th session of the China import and export trade
  • 21-04-2015

The 117th session of the China import and export trade (Canton Fair) had been hold at Pazhou International Exhibition Center from Apr. 15th to 19th.

The 2015 new product of QSTECH -- Artemis indoor series was shown on the 5 days exhibition, and it is the first time the series was shown officially. During this trade QSTECH had exhibited Artemis indoor 5.2mm, Artemis indoor 3.9mm and Artemis XT 16mm LED display. As everyone knows, Artemis XT series is a classic product that had been sold for almost 20 years in advertisement, sports and information publication. Artemis indoor is a high end product that mainly designed for indoor use. The product provide 3.9mm, 5.2mm and 6.25mm pitch options and possess a variety of advantages. Since it is only 65mm thick with high resolution and color fidelity as well as face access feature, many overseas customers were attracted.

Team of QSTECH had displayed advantages of the new product to customers during the trade. With their effort, more and more customers had given the company and its product full affirmation and recognition.

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