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  • QS-TECH Indoor Full Color LED Display in Basketball Court of Bilbao Exhibition Center, Spain
  • 24-08-2010

Can you imagine enjoying an intense match in a basketball court without LED displays? You definitely don’t want to miss a single detail of the whole game process, an attempt, a steal, or even an expression on the players’ face. 
Now, for audiences in the basketball court of Bilbao Exhibition Center, they don’t have to worry about this anymore, because a brand-new QS-TECH indoor full color LED display system was installed. Around 372,000 citizens and over 1,000,000 inhabitants in this Spanish city Bilbao will benefit from this LED system and to be able to get scoring information, player information, substitutions and etc. Meanwhile, audiences will also be able to watch slow motion of the games, live broadcast, close-ups, and some advertising information during the timeouts.

         This QS-TECH LED display system is a gondola with 4 indoor full color LED displays. Each of them is 320x240 pixels in 12mm pixel pitch, adding up to 44.24 square meters in total. The LED tiles, display panels and control system are CE certified to fully follow the standard of European Union.

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QS-TECH Indoor Full Color LED display       QS-TECH Indoor Full Color LED display

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