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  • There'll be Another 10 Units Outdoor Full Color LED Displays from QS-TECH Showing in Netherlands
  • 20-08-2010

In VMS (Variable Message Sign) is used to show traffic information. EN12966 is very important, which is professional standards for VMS including LED luminance, luminance ratio and beam width etc. If you want to install VMS in EU countries, it must meet all the specifications of EN-12966. And till now, there’re almost no LED display companies in China whose products pass EN-12966.

Recently, our 16mm and 20mm outdoor full color LED tiles and control system used for VMS finally get approved by Dutch government based on NEN-EN 12966 after all professional tests. Furthermore, they also meet the EMC requirement from Dutch government. “Government’s requirement on NEN-EN12966 is really strict, it’s not an easy job to work with them. But thanks to QS-TECH, it’s a pleasure to partner with them. ” Our customer said.

So this helps us to get another project from the government: 10 pcs of VMS with 112x80 pixels in pitch 20mm (2.24m x 1.6m). And all these are another 10 VMS since the previous installed 102 VMS in Netherlands. The 102 displays are mainly used to warn of traffic congestion, accidents, incidents, roadwork zones, or speed limits on the road. Once you drive on the road in Netherlands, you will see VMS displays from us everywhere.


       EN 12966: European Transport display standard specification EN12966 (European Norm EN12966), EN12966 standard is the EU countries have set up a technical threshold, all access to the EU countries as well as Norway and Switzerland, the market of road traffic signs LED displays must meet EN12966 specifications, the specification asked to approve the following six tests: the visual performance test, physical performance test, structural performance test, electrical demand testing, electromagnetic compatibility test .

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