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  • Two Sets of QS-TECH LED Display will be installed in NASAF Stadium
  • 21-05-2010

NASAF stadium is a new stadium in Karshi city Uzbekistan. People can watch their favorite games and enjoy themselves in this stadium after few months later. With two sets of our indoor full color LED display which measuring 480x192 pixels (12m x4.8m) for each, the stadium will become much more modernize.

    These two indoor full color LED displays will be the biggest displays in Uzbekistan. One of these displays will be installed at one side of the NASAF stadium. It will be used to do live shows. Another display will be installed on a rotation device. When there is a game, the screen could be turned around to the stadium. When there is no game, it could be turned around to the city and show the advertisements to the whole citizen.

    These two LED displays will be installed few months later in this year. We are sure that our LED display could make NASAF stadium more attractive! 

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