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  • The Foundation Laying Ceremony of QS-TECH New Research and Production Center was Successfully held in Xi'an
  • 14-05-2010

On April.1st, 2010, the foundation Laying Ceremony of QS-TECH new Research and Production Center was successfully held in Xi’an High-Tech Zone. The board Chairman, Frank Zhao, vice general manger Yang Yue, Xu Yongfu, executive director Ji Gang, and other directors as well as Doctor Liang attended the foundation laying ceremony.

    QS-TECH Research and Production Center is located in the southwest of Xi’an High-Foundation Laying Ceremony of QS-TECH New Research and Production Center Tech Zone, occupying more than 18,666 sqm in total. Main buildings include assembling and testing workshop, indoor testing room, warehouse, Semi outdoor testing room and etc. The main project will be finished before end of October, 2010. We will add 1 production line include 2 SMT machines, 1 wave soldering machine, 1 auto-insertion line, 1 wave-reflow soldering machine and 1 examination line. In the new Research and Production Center, the production capacity of QS-TECH will be doubled.

    As a pioneer LED display manufacture in China, QS-TECH has set countless LED displays in China and over 1000 installations in nearly 50 countries all over the world including Unite States, the UK, Germany, Netherlands, Greece, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Libya, Uzbekistan, India, Indonesia, Japan, the USA, Ecuador, Dominica, Mexico and etc. “Make your life colorful”, we firmly believe that the construct of new research and production not only have a great and far-reaching influence on China LED display industry but also accelerate the pace of  QS-TECH become a world famous LED display manufacture. Let’s wish QS-TECH a more prosperous and splendid future!

In the festival fireworks and music, all the leaders put the soil on the foundation stone, which symbolized the success and bright outlook of QS-TECH.

  Foundation Laying Ceremony Show Foundation Laying Ceremony Show

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