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  • QS-TECH Outdoor Full Color LED Display Shines in Denver Merchandise Mart
  • 09-02-2010

Denver Merchandise Mart is a premier whole sale center in Rocky Mountain Region with area 841,000 square-foot, there’re more than permanent 450 showrooms, and many international and national shows or events are held here every day. They have chosen a QS-TECH ZEUS32 32mm outdoor full color LED display for their information release like shows, big events and advertisement.

Installed with two faces at the beginning of January this year, measuring 224x160 pixels (7.17m x5.12m) for each face and driven by QS-TECH Uni-Pcon230 and DTB 320 control system, this outdoor full color LED display immediately attracts people’s attention, now it’s much easier for people to know the activities held in Denver Merchandise Mart.

Our client said they’re extremely happy with the whole led display and especially the image quality. Besides, the whole installation is completed independently by our customer in US, “It’s an easy process!” Our customer said.

   QS-TECH Outdoor Full Color LED Display           Outdoor Full Color LED Display           

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