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  • QSTECH Display Will Be Installed at San Diego Wild Zoo in USA
  • 17-11-2010

Recently, QS-TECH made the contract with our client from US. We will offer our Zeus outdoor full color led display to San Diego Wild Zoo in USA.

San Diego Wild Zoo is the most famous wild zoo in USA. In 2007, we had ever offered them a similar LED display. This is the second time for our cooperation. It earned a lot of praises from our client.

This time, we will offer an outdoor full color LED display called Zeus family. The display will be in 10mm pitch and the size will be about 6
. San Diego wild zoo will use LED display to show the live video of the animals there.

Our Zeus can make the wild zoo much more fashion and modern than before. After they install our Zeus 10mm outdoor full color LED display, it can be great helpful for the customers who see those animals from a long distance. It will help the customers to see the live show much more clearly. We believe, because of the perfect performance of Zeus, San Diego Wild Zoo would attract more customers to visit.

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