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  • QS-TECH Indoor Full Color LED Displays Earn the Great Praises from Quito Airport in Ecuador
  • 02-11-2009

Recently, two sets of QS-TECH Zeus indoor full color LED display was installed in the Quito airport in Ecuador.

These two sets of LED displays are the indoor full color fixed installation display. They are in the same size which is about 9m2. The pixel pitch for these two LED displays is 10mm pitch, and the resolution is 384 x 240 pixels.

After the installation, these two LED displays are showing plenty of advertising videos in the airport. They make Quito airport much more fashion than before. Besides this, because of the wonderful performance of our display Zeus, the customers can get really deep memories about every advertising video of our clients’ brand. They earned the great praises from our clients and the costumes in Quito airport.

Using the words our client said---- They work PERFECTLY!

QS-TECH Indoor Full Color LED Displays  QS-TECH Indoor Full Color LED Displays

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