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  • QS-TECH LED Displays on 4th East Asian Games in Macau
  • 07-12-2005

2005-10-29~~2005-11-06, 4th East Asian Games held in Macau, QS-TECH LED Displays had presented gorgeous, splendid and colorful tournaments to the spectators on site and millions of watchers all over the world. 

The 4th East Asian Games in Macau provides not only a competition arena for delegations from 9 countries and regions with various cultural backgrounds, but also a platform for cultural exchange. And QS-TECH LED Displays in four stadiums serves as not only a platform to show live broadcasting but also a charming media for many companies' ad.  Then let's all join the Games and feel the charm of this distinguish historic city in the following pictures.

There are various QS-TECH LED displays serving for the East Asian Games. Every system of the screens has the scoring system, competition timing, and can support various languages. 

As a sponsor of the 4th East Asian Games, QS-TECH offered committal amount of approximately 700 million Hong Kong dollar. QS-TECH had provided the most advanced, high quality full color and dual color LED displays in four main large-scale venues, as well as first-class technical support equipment to guarantee successful hosting of the East Asian Games.

Detailed information of the LED displays as following, please check official website for more.

IPM Multisport Pavilion: 

1 Set:  UniPanl-EFL10  640x384 pixels;

UniPanl-EDL10  320x384 pixels


Tap Seac Multisport Pavilio:

1st Set:    UniPanl-EFL10 640x384 pixels; 

UniPanl-EDL10  320x384 pixels

2nd Set:   UniPanl-EDL10 960x384 pixels


Macau Stadium and Pavilion:

1 Set:    UniPanl-EFL16 768x576 pixels


Official website of the 4th East Asian Games, Macau 2005:

Macau Stadium and Pavilion:  UniPanl-EFL16   3906pixes/sqm.  113sqm.

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