• Name: NDS 8000 Network Management Software
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NDS 8000
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Perfect operating backtracking mechanism:
All operations will be recorded from enter and exit the system, and can be checked at any time,

easy to be managed.

Rights management at different levels:
All customers rights with hierarchical management, with permissions and easily upgraded.

Safe release mechanism:
System adopts public/private key match encryption, all transmission data in system, such as media file, play list; all 
adopt 128-bit dynamic encryption. The data can be played just in the equipment which is under system certification. Customer can modify the key regularly.

Good equipment compatibility:
System supports kinds of different resolutions, and different display terminal.

Report Management:
Customer can do the year/month/date report based on the sales or operation need, and the report can be transformed 
into Excel file format by system automatically.

NDS8000-PM play-side adopts embedded Windows XP Embed system high performance IPC, and the hardware with quake-proof, dust-proof etc. System adopts Windows XP Embed supplied EWF protection technology, and increased the automated response and anti-virus capacity of the system.

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