• Name: UNI Pcon 600
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UNI Pcon 600
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Technical Features

  • Standard DVI signal input, connect with equipment with DVI outputs like computer, video processor and splicer etc.
  • Max static refresh rate at 38kHz and max scan refresh rate at 2.16kHz; simultaneous refresh on each output port, excellent performance even by professional video camera.
  • Static gray processing with 16-bit coding for Red, Green and Blue; dynamic gray scan gray processing with 14-bit coding for each color, which shows the original color of image;
  • Provide real-time monitoring on the LED Display processor, distributer, and the working status / temperature of each module control board; also monitor the output voltage of each switch power to provide the LED Display system working condition anytime.
  • Intelligent Brightness control, reduce the maximum power consumption and light pollution on the precondition of ensure the display effect;
  • Work with QSTECH Color Calibration system to provide single-pixel chroma/luma calibration.

    QSTECH Dynamic Pixel Technology (DPT):

    QSTECH Dynamic Pixel Technology is also called pixel sharing technology. The LED lamp in each pixel can combines with another one in the near pixel to form more pixels by sharing. In this way, it multiples the entire pixel to improve the image quality, thus the LED Display looks clearer and there’re more pixels shown in the screen. The dynamic pixel technology is better for the small-size LED Display to show bigger picture. QSTECH is the first one to develop this nonuple dynamic pixel technology and get the patent.


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