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Crius HD
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CRIUS HD is a complete solution, which has working life between from 70,000 hrs to 100,000hrs, that is at least 2 times longer than LCD panels. Besides, the high brightness and gray contrast of CRIUS is optimized to reflect lifelike, vivid images.



·Complete solution — All devices integrated in the cabinet including IPC, control system, power distributor, louder speakers, brightness sensor and etc

·1200 nits brightness, 2 times brighter than traditional LCDs

·Resolution 76" 384x672, 89" 480x768, 110" 576x960 (2.5mm)

·4000: 1 contrast with LED pixels, active emitting LED pixels

·Easy maintenance — LCD panel is almost not repairable; module tile design of CRIUS HD makes it easy to repair

·Durable — LED display product has working life between 70,000 hrs to 100,000 hrs, which is at least 2 times longer than LCD panels

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